Our powerful importing options will save you time and the frustration of having to recreate your works that exist on other mediums. Easily import your existing publications from popular electronic formats including WordPress, Microsoft Word, Nook, iBook, Kobo, OpenSource and even HTML-based web pages.  Our easy to use interface allows you to select a file and upload it to our platform in 1 simple step. Completely import text, images, hyperlinks and more into your publications.

Our supported formats for importing currently include:

  • WXR – WordPress eXtended RSS
  • EPUB – For Nooks, iBooks, Kobo and others
  • ODT – OpenDocument
  • DOCX – Microsoft Word
  • HTML – Web Content

New formats will be added as the market demands. Our feature request section allows our users to submit ideas to be added to future releases of our platform including new formats for importing. When we have enough requests for a feature, we will implement it for our customers.