Effortlessly publish to all major electronic book formats including Kindle, Nook, iBook, PDF and more at the press of a button. Return at any time to update, edit, create and publish your content with any web-accessible device.

Our systems are vigorously maintained to accommodate the current technical requirements of each publisher. BinaryPublisher.com solves the technical issues associated with self publishing so that you can focus on what you do best – creating great content.

The same technologies that have made electronic self publishing possible also pose potential roadblocks to your success.  The key players in electronic book sales platforms each have their own formatting and technical requirements.  These requirements frequently change as newer versions of their technology become available.  Furthermore, new formats are slowly being created as less functional ones fade from use.  BinaryPublisher.com will add exporting options as the market demands so that your content is always available on as many platforms as possible.  Return to BinaryPublisher.com and re-generate your electronic book files to edit and update your publications as technology demands.


Our built-in design elements will save you time and inspire your creativity.

Choose one of our many stylish book design templates from our growing collection to add individuality and flair to your creations. Use our predefined typographies, color schemes, layouts and image libraries to enhance your books, customize them, define your style and set the mood.  Import your own images and design elements to cater to your own readers’ unique tastes.  Design elements intended for textbooks, romance novels, children’s literature and many other genres are built into our publishing platform.

Here are just a few of the design features that BinaryPublisher.com offers:

  • Typography – Over 300 open source fonts that can be embedded into your files.
  • Image Gallery – Choose from hundreds of commonly used items such as callouts, arrows and other design elements.
  • Templates – More than a dozen predefined templates with fonts, colors, alignments and other elements assigned.

New design features will be added as the market and our customers dictate . Our feature request section allows our users to submit ideas to be added to future releases of our platform including new design options. When we have enough requests for a feature, we will implement it for our customers.